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Created 31-May-19
65 photos

Old Mammy,  New Orleans (Arnold Genthe)(Arbus 1957)Ulmann ca. 1929Chinese Merchant with Bodyguard (Genthe)Group in Bathing Costumes 1885 (Alice Austen)The Darn Club 1891 (Alice Austen)Portrait of a Woman in a Dress n.d. (Julius Born)Irene Foote Castle (1919, Adolph de Meyer)The Kiss 1905 (Clarence H. White)(Julius Born)Mata Hari(julius Born)Young Woman with a Pearl Earring (Julius Born)Mata HariMata HariLola & May ca.1910 (H.F. Cooper)Chain Gang (Ulmann ca.1933)Baptism (Ulmann ca.1933)JohnstonGroup Apparatus 1893 (Alice Austen)

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