Stanislaw A. Malek | Guestbook
Incredible photos. I'm a huge fan of you & your content. Unforgettable + Inspiring !!
Mike Morrell
Hi Sam, I was so impressed by your photo's on 500px that I decided to look you up and found your website. I'm looking forward to exploring more of your work!

Kind regards,
Johnny Ham(non-registered)
wonderful pictures Sam, so beautiful.
Your photography is very inspirated, congratulation. Pozdrawiam z Polski!
@thundertheft (Twitter)(non-registered)
Found you on Twitter and can't get enough of your work. Please add me to your contact list - I would love to stay abreast of your work and am ready to plunk down the money whenever you publish a book/series. I've recommended you to many of my friends! Keep it up - you have an amazing eye!
Reinhard Zoll
Hello Sam,
Thank You for your wonderful photographs. I'm looking forward to seeing new images every day on Twitter. Today I found some kind of an sequel - "The Birds" and "The Pick-Up Spot" probably have been taken at the same time? But which one was first.
I admire also the titles of your images.
Jean-Marie Dallais(non-registered)
A very good gallery. Beautiful, it shows what is magic in the daily life. Love it. I will continue to follow your ork here and on Tweeter !
Val Kimpton(non-registered)
Love having access to your Photography.....all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Our good friend Martha has made sure she shares your progress with me. As an ex Art/ Graphics teacher, I am loving your creativity to catch people in their elements! Wonderful work Sam!
Thank you for sharing the photos you took at Rough and Tumble during the 66th Reunion. The photos you took are simply beautiful in capturing the human moments at the show. We appreciate being able to share these great shots on our web site. Your photography is wonderful!
Lovely! My favourites are the landscapes. Don't forget to fill in the 'about me'! People want to know what part of the world you're in and if you use Photoshop or not.
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